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Annual Financial Statements

Annual financial statements

Share-based payment

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Share-based payment

The total expense recognised for employee services received during the year ended 30 September 2022 is R55,8 million (2021: R41,3 million). Of the total expense recognised, the portion arising from the share appreciation rights, performance shares and restricted shares option transactions amounted to a credit of R38,3 million resulting from forfeitures, R49,5 million expense and R36,6 million expense (2021: R21,1 million credit, R27,5 million expense and R24,8 million expense) respectively. The remaining expense relates to the cost associated with the BMT I scheme of R6,3 million (2021: R6,3 million) and cash-settled share-based payments of R1,7 million (2021: R3,8 million expense).

Detailed disclosure of each scheme and the respective assumptions and valuation inputs have been included in Annexure D.