Group profile

Our core business is providing everyday branded food to large and growing markets through a unified customer sales team and effective supply chain that leverages the group’s scale. We target best-in-class profitability, underpinned by a cost-conscious culture and environmental, social and governance (ESG) principles to create and share value.

We have leading positions in most categories and our iconic brands are well-entrenched with consumers in South Africa, as illustrated by the percentage share of market.


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+ 5% R13,9bn


2019: R13,2 billion

- 14% R1,2bn

Operating income

2019: R1,4 billion

Milling and Baking

  • Baking


  • Flour
  • Maize
  • Sorghum

Other grains

  • Pasta
  • Oat-based breakfast (Jungle)
  • Rice

* Market share limited to South Africa.

   Source: Nielsen.

Consumer Brands – Food

+ 3% R9,7bn


2019: R9,4 billion

- 20% R830m

Operating income

2019: R1,0 billion


  • Condiments and ingredients
  • Spreads
  • Canned fruit and vegetables

Snacks & Treats

  • Sugar
  • Chocolate


  • Concentrates
  • Sports drinks
  • Ready-to-drink

* Market share limited to South Africa.

   Source: Nielsen.

Home, Personal Care and Baby (HPCB)

+ 5% R2,8bn


2019: R2,7 billion

- 6% R510m

Operating income

2019: R546 million

Home Care

  • Sanitary cleaners
  • Insecticides

Personal Care

  • Camphor cream and lotions
  • Hair care


  • Nutrition and wellbeing

* Market share limited to South Africa.

   Source: Nielsen.

Exports and International

+ 4% R3,4bn


2019: R3,2 billion

- 51% R103m

Operating income

2019: R212 million


International operations

  • Central Africa (Chococam)

Deciduous fruit

  • Langeberg and Ashton Food (LAF)