Responsible marketing and communication practices

Our Tiger Innovation Process (TIPS) governs our robust pipeline of projects that drive value for the business, including through addressing health and nutrition, and environmental concerns.

This governing process ensures that products and innovations are brought to market in a manner that guarantees thorough checks from a nutritional, regulatory and legislative perspective, while also driving speed to market, agility and discipline in the execution of projects. A key aspect of this process is ensuring that when our products and innovations go to market, they are aligned with appropriate responsible marketing and communication practices. We remain in full compliance with national regulations requiring the labelling and declaration of certain ingredients, additives and allergens, and we make an additional effort to ensure responsible marketing to children.

We are committed to ensuring transparent labelling of our products, relating to additives and ingredients such as allergens, gluten-free, caffeine, theobromine, Halaal, Kosher, biotech and genetically modified ingredients. Currently, we always declare ingredients, additives and allergens present in our products. We declare irradiated foodstuffs, individual irradiated ingredients, and genetically modified ingredients, where they exceed a certain threshold. Similarly, should the declaration of nanotechnologies in our products become a requirement, we will declare it in a similar fashion. For more information on health and nutrition labelling, view here.
Tiger Brands is a signatory to the Marketing to Children Pledge, as part of the then Advertising Standards Authority (now Advertising Regulatory Board) Code of Advertising. This pledge was signed in 2008 and has various restrictions on marketing to children below 12 years of age. As a signatory, we must comply with these restrictions as part of our practice of responsible marketing.