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  (R’million) 2020 2019
25 Borrowings    
  In terms of the company’s memorandum of incorporation, the group’s borrowings are unlimited. The secured and unsecured loans are all at floating rates unless otherwise stated.    
25.1 Lease liability    
  The group did not change the initial carrying amounts of recognised assets and liabilities at the date of initial application for leases previously classified as finance leases. The requirements of IFRS 16 were applied to these leases from 1 October 2019. Current year movements in relation to these leases are as follows:    
  At 1 October 2019 412,7
  New leases and lease modifications 64,3
  Accretion of interest 28,3
  Payments (164,9)
  Transfer to assets held for sale (4,2)
  The group utilised an IBR between 5,0% and 8,5% for the different classes of assets identified. 336,2
  Lease liabilities relate to right-of-use assets with a book value of R291,9 million (2019: Capitalised lease assets R2,0 million) as per note 11.    
25.2 Long-term borrowings    
  Long-term portion of lease liability* 197,2
25.3 Short-term borrowings 141,0 519,0
  Bank overdrafts 2,0 518,5
  Short-term portion of lease liability* 139,0 0,5
  * Adoption of IFRS 16 Leases resulted in the recognition of lease liabilities as at 1 October 2019. Refer note 11.3.