2021 2020   (R’million) 2021 2020
    17 LOANS    
      Loans to empowerment entities    
84,6   Tiger Brands Foundation*    
12,4   Thusani II*    
      Dipuno** 37,3 27,8
1,1 2,5   Other*# 7,0 2,5
98,1 2,5     44,3 30,3
* Classified as FVTPL under IFRS 9.
** This relates to the long-term portion of the loan to Dipuno. During the current year an additional R20 million was advanced as a loan to Dipuno. A day-one fair value loss of R8,0 million and an impairment of R4,5 million was recognised in the current year
# Included in Other is an additional loan of R5,9 million provided as part of the Tiger Brands Enterprise Development programme.