21.1 Restatement of customer rebates

As part of the group’s continued IFRS 15 Revenue from Contracts with Customers compliance assessment it was noted that the company has historically presented certain rebate payable balances to customers as part of the “Trade and other payables” balance as opposed to offsetting these against the “Trade and other receivables” line as required by the accounting standard. This error has been corrected in the current year with rebate receivable balances of R416,8 million relating to the 2020 financial year and R398,5 million relating to the 2019 financial year being reclassified from the “Trade and other payables” line to the “Trade and other receivables” line. This affects the statement of financial position and statement of cash flow lines as follows:

    2020     2019  
(R’million) Previously
Effect of
Restated Previously
Effect of
Statement of financial position            
Trade and other receivables 3 919,8 (416,8) 3 503,0 3 987,8 (398,5) 3 589,3
Total current assets 11 034,7 (416,8) 10 617,9 11 213,4 (398,5) 10 814,9
Total assets 22 334,0 (416,8) 21 917,2 22 180,5 (398,5) 21 782,0
Trade and other payables 4 509,6 (416,8) 4 092,8 4 504,6 (398,5) 4 106,1
Total current liabilities 5 168,1 (416,8) 4 751,3 5 625,2 (398,5) 5 226,7
Total equity and liabilities 22 334,0 (416,8) 21 917,2 22 180,5 (398,5) 21 782,0
Statement of cash flows            
Working capital            
(Increase)/decrease in trade and other receivables (109,8) 416,8 307,0      
Decrease in trade and other payables (3,0) (416,8) (419,8)      
21.2 Restatement of operating income before impairment and non-operational items

As part of the JSE's proactive monitoring of financial statements review, and the group’s continued IFRS compliance assessment it is noted that the group has historically presented abnormal items on the income statement. As previously defined in the group’s accounting policies, abnormal items included items of income and expenditure which are not directly attributable to normal operations or where their size or nature are such that additional disclosure is considered appropriate. Management has re-evaluated what is included as abnormal items based on the size, growth and evolving complexity of the group, and subsequently re-labelled this function to non-operational items which is detailed in the accounting policies. As a result of this, it was deemed appropriate to restate the comparatives as it would be incorrect to classify certain costs as non-operational under the new function name.

The below costs are not deemed non-operational in nature and thus reclassified into other operating expenses:

(R’million) 2020
Restructuring and related costs 68.2
Davita legal settlement 66.6
Early settlement of lease liability (10.7)

The cash operating profit for the prior year has been restated for the non-cash movement of the above.


A new subtotal referred to as operating income after impairments has been introduced.