(R’million) 2021 2020
  In terms of the group's delegation of authority, the group’s borrowings are subject to specific approval processes. Any secured and unsecured loans are all at floating rates unless otherwise stated.    
27.1 Lease liability    
  Current year movements in relation to leases are as follows:    
  Opening balance (1 October) 336,2 412,7
  New leases and lease modifications 447,8 64,3
  Accretion of interest 38,1 28,3
  Payments (254,8) (164,9)
  Transfer to held for sale (4,2)
    567,3 336,2
  The group utilised an IBR between 5.0% and 8.5% for the different classes of assets identified.    
  Lease liabilities relate to right-of-use assets with a book value of R525,2 million (2020: R291,9 million) as per note 12.3.    
  The maturity analysis of lease liabilities is disclosed in note 33.4.    
27.2 Long-term borrowings    
  Long-term portion of lease liability 399,0 197,2
27.3 Short-term borrowings 168,3 141,0
  Bank overdrafts 2,0
  Short-term portion of lease liability 168,3 139,0