Post-retirement medical aid obligations

  (R’million) 2021 2020
  Balance at the end of the year    
  Present value of obligations 563,8 517,9
  Liability at reporting date 563,8 517,9
  Movement in the liability recognised in the statement of financial position:    
  Balance at the beginning of the year 517,9 582,8
  Contributions paid (49,6) (49,8)
  Other expenses included in staff costs 55,0 56,3
     Current service cost 1,6 1,8
     Interest cost 53,4 54,5
  Actuarial gain/(loss) released in terms of IAS 19R 32,7 (63,6)
  Transfer to assets held for sale (refer note 36)# 7,8 (7,8)
  Balance at the end of the year 563,8 517,9
  # Previously disclosed as held for sale, but has now been reinstated at the conclusion of the sale.    
  The employer’s estimate of contributions expected to be paid for the 2022 financial year is R49,6 million (2021: R49,8 million).    
  Detailed disclosure and the respective assumptions and valuation inputs have been included in Annexure F.