Analysis of profit/(loss) from discontinued operations

  (R’million) 2021 2020
  The results of discontinued operations Deli Foods Nigeria Limited (Deli Foods) and Value Added Meat Products (VAMP), a division of Tiger Consumer Brands Limited are stated below. The closure process for Deli Foods has been concluded.    
  On 17 August 2020, the company announced that it has entered into two separate sale-of-business agreements (SBAs) for the disposal of its VAMP business as going concerns. The two SBAs comprised an agreement with Molare Proprietary Limited for a total cash contribution of R100 million received on 30 September 2020. The second comprised an agreement with Silver Blade Abattoir Proprietary Limited for a cash contribution of R153 million received on 2 November 2020. A profit of R42,5 million (pre-tax) had resulted from the conclusion of the first SBA and a profit of R20,5 million (pre-tax) had resulted from the conclusion of the second SBA.    
  Included in the profit from discontinued operations for the current year is the release of foreign currency translation reserves on the closure of Deli Foods and profits relating to the sale of trademarks and property, plant and equipment.    
  Profit/(loss) for the year from discontinued operations (attributable to owners of the company)    
  Revenue 119,9 1 188,2
  Expenses (100,8) (1 691,3)
  Operating profit/(loss) before impairments and non-operational items 19,1 (503,1)
  Impairments (83,2)
  Non-operational items 122,0 (9,2)
  Operating profit/(loss) after impairments and non-operational items 141,1 (595,5)
  Finance costs (0,5) (13,5)
  Profit/(loss) before taxation 140,6 (609,0)
  Taxation (20,8) 155,8
  Profit/(loss) for the year from discontinued operations 119,8 (453,2)
  Attributable to non-controlling interest
  Attributable to owners of parent 119,8 (453,2)
  Cash flows from discontinued operations    
  Net cash outflows from operating activities (5,9) (150,0)
  Net cash inflows from investing activities 21,9 296,4
  Net cash outflow from financing activities (6,7) (110,7)
  Net cash inflows 9,3 35,7